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At The Fabulous Bakin' Boys, we don't do grumpy! Spreadin' good news, happiness, laughter & cake throughout the land!

We’ve been bakin' our fabulous muffins, cupcakes and flapjacks here in Witney since 1989. Lots of passion and care is taken to ensure we make the best possible cakes we can, with the added bonus of being individually wrapped for freshness and convenience. We only use natural colours and flavours, are 100% nut free and did we forget to mention that our cakes are great tasting too.


Keep on munchin'

The Boys

Individually wrapped,

nut free treats.

Proudly baked by the boys in the heart of Oxfordshire...


Bakin' News - PM visits the boys


Gary Frank (MD),           David Cameron (PM)                Jon Frank (dude)

During a visit from Mr Cameron we were delighted to help the PM to try and sort out World Peace. Well not quite but a step in the right direction as he actually came and opened our new spangly production line. More Fabulous Bakin’ Boy cakes means a happier world for all cake lovers :-)

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